How do dentists put braces on?

Have you ever felt unhappy with your smile? Do you cover your mouth when you laugh because you’re afraid you will offend someone with your snaggletooth? Well, you are not alone. Teeth straightening later in life has increased in popularity over the past ten years, which is all thanks to the new and improved style of braces. You will no longer be subjected to clanky metal on your teeth, or even worse– headgear, instead you can have beautifully straight teeth without feeling like a brace-face.

At Adelaide Dental we use an innovative and revolutionary treatment that can cosmetically align your teeth in around 6 to 9 months. Unlike other treatments, this option can save you both time and money –giving you back your confidence! Smilefast is designed to adapt to your lifestyle and needs, without being too invasive or too expensive.

It is never too late to straighten your teeth and give yourself the smile you deserve, so if you’re looking for a dentist in Adelaide then you’ve found it! So now we bet by now you are asking yourself, how do dentists actually put braces on your teeth?


What will my first appointment be like?

During your consultation, our friendly team here will take you through the steps of how our dentists put braces on. During your first appointment, a 3D scan of your mouth will be done to identify the best way to fit your braces, for optimum results. The results will be sent to Smilefast, who in turn will construct a placement guide within the next 20 days.


How braces are installed

Once we receive their guidelines, we can fit the clear braces to your teeth. Yes, CLEAR BRACES! This second appointment will roughly take around 30 minutes –faster than any other treatment available!

To begin with, our team will polish your teeth with a non-flavored paste. Afterward, a cheek retractor will be used in order for the doctor to fully visualize your teeth and ensure your safety and that of the procedure. The next step is painting the teeth with a primer -which will act as a bonding cement for the each side of the braces. Once the braces are in a precise and comfortable position, the cement will be removed using a bright blue light meant to dissolve the sticky glue. Last step is to remove the cheek retractor, and voilà, you’re already on your way to a straight and beautiful smile!


Reasons for Teeth Straightening

The main reason people want to get their teeth straightened is for appearance. However, crooked or spaced teeth can also lead to certain health problems, including:

  • Tooth Decay and Gum Disease – there is a possibility that when teeth overlap each other, it can cause food and bacteria to build up. With straighter teeth, brushing and flossing are more efficient.


  • Mental health –a lack of confidence can lead to different mental issues, including depression or anxiety. Feeling good about yourself is a great boost to your mental health!


  • Headaches – crooked teeth are responsible for putting stress on the gums and the bones that support your teeth –this may lead to headaches or discomfort.


  • Speech Difficulty –your teeth are directly linked to your speech. Teeth that lean too far forward or back can cause you to lisp or can affect your pronunciation


How does Smilefast work?

Using ground-breaking technology, Smilefast combines conventional orthodontic techniques with innovative 3D scans. This way we can identify the best way your braces will fit your unique teeth and mouth. The data we acquire can be reviewed digitally, and this leads to fast and predictable outcomes. Placing brackets manually can lead to some human error, whereas the 3D imagery can even show you the outcome before you even start the treatment!

Another improvement is the fact that Smilefast uses clear braces to gently straighten and align your teeth -the average timescale being around six months. This means you can now forget about crooked teeth forever and get the smile you’ve always dreamt of!


If you’re ready to get your braces and are looking for a dentist in Adelaide then pop in for a consultation with us today at Rundle Mall and our team can help you on your journey to a bright, new smile!