What is a dental implant?

Do you have a gappy smile? A missing tooth will never go unnoticed –mainly due to discomfort and it’s impact on your confidence. There are many reasons for which a tooth may be missing, ranging from decay, an infection, or an unfortunate knock to the face. The result, however, is the same –tooth pain, sensitivity, and perhaps worst of all, a lack of confidence.

At Adelaide Dental, we offer several solutions for filling that gap, one of which is a dental implant, so if you’re looking for a dentist in Adelaide, we’re your go to option!


What is a Dental Implant?

Dental implants are a metal support which is embedded into the gums to support a replacement tooth. The process begins when the root of the dental implant, which is made out of a biocompatible material, is fused to the jawbone. After this initial step, a dental crown is attached above the bone and gum creating an artificial tooth and restoring your smile.

The advantage of this permanent treatment is that the result is incredibly similar to a natural tooth, both in colour, appearance and of course- function.


Are Dental Implants the solution for me?

For some people, receiving implants may not be a viable option because the procedure requires healthy gums and bones which can support the implant. At Adelaide Dental we are happy to offer you meticulous oral hygiene tips that are vital for the long-term benefits of this procedure.

If successful, dental implants can offer strength and stability for false teeth. Many patients even report that their false teeth are virtually indistinguishable from their natural teeth, both in appearance and function. This means that dental implants won’t move around in your mouth, which is an essential part of being able to smile, kiss, eat, drink, or speak without constantly worrying about losing your falsies.


Why Choose Dental Implants?

In comparison to other tooth replacement options, dental implants have several perks. A dental implant won’t compromise the health of any neighbouring teeth and it adds to the natural appearance that we are all looking for.

This means that in the long run, dental implants are more durable, easier to clean and provide a more aesthetic look than other options.


Why choose a dental implant?

  • An implant is a permanent and secure solution which requires low-maintenance aftercare.
  • Unlike bridges, an implant doesn’t rely on teeth adjacent to the gap.
  • An implant won’t affect your ability to eat, drink or speak, and won’t become uncomfortable or unstable.


Whatever the cause of your missing tooth, we will work with you to find the ideal solution for restoring your beautiful smile and your confidence. If you would like to learn more about dental implants and you’re looking for a dentist in Adelaide then simply call us for an obligation free consultation at our Rundle Mall clinic.