How do dentists whiten teeth?

Have you always dreamt of having a stunning white smile. Or maybe your teeth have become discoloured as the years have gone by, one stain at a time.

No matter the reason behind wanting to whiten your teeth, you’re not alone – and it is the number 1 cosmetic service requested in our Adelaide dentist clinic. Few people are born with brilliantly-white teeth, so what can you do to have a beautiful, celebrity smile you can feel confident about?

How do dentists whiten teeth?

Tooth whitening is a quick and efficient way of lightening the natural colour of your teeth without needing to remove any tooth surface. Here at Adelaide Dental, we offer in-chair and take-home treatments with our KOR Whitening System.

We chose this brand because KOR is the first and only in the world to refrigerate an entire line of teeth whitening gels. If you’re wondering why that makes any difference, refrigerated gels have been proven to maintain 100% of their effectiveness even months after being manufactured. By using KOR, we can offer you the best by using the most innovative whitening system available!

It gets even better, this procedure is painless and it helps keep the level of whiteness permanent- even if you still indulge in drinking tea, coffee, and red wine. This ingenious whitening system is also ideal for hypersensitive patients, because the bleach stays fresher for longer and causes minimal irritation.

What does tooth whitening involve?

At Adelaide Dental, we use the KOR Whitening Deep Bleach as the usual method of whitening our patients’ teeth. Many other clinics use ‘Zoom’ whitening but we prefer KOR. Our friendly team here will walk you through the process if you’re feeling a bit unsure, and will determine what treatment is best suited to you.

One of the options we offer you is the combined KOR at-home and in-house whitening system, which can be used during daytime or night-time. It can allow you to get the results you want, whenever you want.

Alternatively, we can apply a bleach whitening product to your teeth and let the active ingredients do their job. Oxygen will get into the enamel on the teeth and voilà, your tooth colour is magically made lighter! Well, almost magically.

After care for whitened teeth

Obviously, the goal is keep your teeth as white as possible after your treatment so avoid food and drinks that will stain your teeth, such as coffee, tea and red wine.You should also avoid dark foods like berries, chocolate, tomato sauce and other dark fruits. Smoking will also discolour your teeth.

Our goal is to help you achieve the beautiful smile you’ve always dreamt of, so pop in for a consultation and we can help you figure out which option best suits your needs and expectations. We are conveniently located in Rundle Mall Adelaide across from the Myer Centre and are always happy to have a chat with you!