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Getting on top of your dental hygiene doesn’t have to mean looking for lost dollars inside your sofas. At Adelaide Dental, our DentiCare payment plans allow current and future patients the versatility and flexibility of completing their treatments without the anxiety of looking at bank accounts –paying off the costs after 12 to 24 months. The best part: the payments are interest-free!

Some dental treatments can run into the thousands of dollars and can really put a strain on finances, especially if you have a whole family to look after. Even with private health insurance you can still be faced with a large bill if your required treatment falls outside the bounds of your insurance.

Well, gone are the days when you feel you can’t stretch your budget to allow for dental appointments and gone are the days where living with toothaches, broken or chipped teeth are your only option. You can now have access to regular, professional and private dental care, helping keep both gums and teeth healthy without the damage to your bank account.

We offer a wide range of dental payment plans to help you budget for your dental care, whether you’re in need of general, cosmetic, or complex treatments.


DentiCare Plan

Our Dental Adelaide team can walk you through a maintenance plan that is seamlessly easy to set-up. This will give you full control of whether you set up a monthly fee to cover dental check-ups and procedures, or whether you want to pay the following year. Not only will you benefit from dental x-rays, but also worldwide dental emergency and injury cover!

DentiCare offers a comprehensive payment plan solution tailored to dental and orthodontic treatments. With over 13 years’ experience providing aid across the stunning Australian border, now you can benefit from this service within our Adelaide branch. Our DentiCare plans are a convenient and affordable option of paying off your dental treatments over time.

There’s no need for complicated finance contracts, and no reason to further delay your treatment. You deserve a beautiful and shiny smile all year round, and we’d love to help make that happen! Our DentiCare plans are future-proof, thus feel free to contact Jess in our Rundle Mall clinic to discuss your options further!