What is a Smile Makeover?

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Do you often find yourself troubled by your smile? Maybe you have dreamt of improving the shape and colour of your teeth so that you can confidently smile? Well, you are not alone. In fact, recent surveys have shown that over 75% of people don’t feel confident enough to show their smile in a photograph.

If you have found yourself as part of this percentage, an Adelaide Dental smile makeover might be the procedure you have been longing for. The process involves one or more cosmetic, facial, or dental rejuvenation techniques that improve the overall aesthetics of your smile.

Because there is no one-size-fits-all, a smile makeover might mean completely different things from one person to the other. From cosmetic upgrades and teeth whitening to major re-alignment of crooked or chipped teeth, a smile makeover can give you back your confidence.

At Adelaide Dental, our dentists are prepared to find an individual plan able to satisfy your dental needs. Among the most popular procedures, we offer:


Teeth Whitening

Topical teeth staining can happen at any age, sometimes even despite our best efforts to ensure adequate dental hygiene. The effects of our beloved tea, coffee, and sometimes food can result in teeth discoloration. Our Zoom treatments utilize powerful whitening agents capable of delivering up to six shades whiter teeth to restore your teeth to their original white shine.


Crooked teeth

By using conventional orthodontics or Invisalign braces, our friendly Adelaide Dental team can seamlessly straighten crooked teeth. Alternatively, you may opt to cover them with porcelain veneers for a faster solution, commonly referred to as “instant orthodontics.”


Chipped and broken teeth

No matter the extent of the damage, there are multiple options to choose from, including porcelain crowns, veneers, or cosmetic bonding. We can find the right solution for your damaged tooth to give you the exact smile you have been wishing for in the mirror.


Missing teeth

Whether you’ve lost a tooth due to a sports injury or a fall caused by clumsiness, gaps between teeth can take away your confidence. A smile makeover can offer you a dental bridge, dental implants, or even dentures –depending on your individual needs to fill the gap in your gums.


Whatever is required to complete your makeover, our Adelaide Dental team has at least one solution that will make you smile! We are conveniently located in Rundle Mall Adelaide, just across from the Myer Centre and are always open to addressing your fears and discussing your options with you!